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Metroid Dread Beginners Guide,Tips and Techniques (Updated 2022)

Metroid Dread 2021 :  Metroid Dread can be described as a brutal, unstoppable experience in the genre of metroidvania which is a genre that its predecessors helped to define. The Metroid Dread guides will help you on your journey through ZDR and in your fights using EMMI beginning with a basic guide to walksthroughs and maps for every region, which includes boss fight stars.

This Metroid Dread guide for beginners we’ll provide you with our top tips to help make your first hours less difficult. In the next section, we’ll discuss its style, explain ways to keep your most-loved items, present our strongest case against our deceitful brain, discuss that stealth might be your most effective alternative (until it’s not) as well as the reason why you should use your hands crucial, and much more.

It is believed that the Morph Ball has made a return in Metroid Dread, and unlocking it is likely to require some effort. If you would like to explore every secret and discover every treasure and collectible, finding the Morph Ball place should be the top priority. However, you must be ready to fight for your life, since you won’t find it on the ground, but defending it against the mighty enemy.

Metroid Dread Beginners Guide


Metroid Dread is unsurprisingly it’s a metroidvania-themed game. This means that you’ll be constantly receiving new upgrades that open doors and pathways that were previously closed. There will be new pathways forward, and also new routes backwards.

That means you’ll be doing lots of exploration, locating dead ends, and retracing your steps.

In the context of backtracking …

You won’t be able to pick up every Upgrade (YET)

There will be more upgrades, like Missile Tanks and Energy Tanks than you’ll ever get to in Metroid Dread. Don’t spend your time on these. You’ll be able to revisit the previous areas when you get new improvements and ways to navigate.

Updates are added to your map when you locate them, and you don’t need to think about the location of them.

When we talk about map …


On your map screen you can highlight icons. Every when you unlock a different type of door, such as one that is a Charge Beam Door following the acquisition of the Charge Beam and hovering over the icon of that door on the map, then choose this option. This will highlight each Charge Beam Door that is within the region and will typically provide you with the (or an) way forward.

If you’re unable to locate the right path, however …


In the midst of Metroid Dread are broken walls (and floors and ceilings). They generally appear a lot like regular walls. There are several instances in the initial area, Artaria, where finding one breakable wall piece is the only way forward.

If you’re at the wall or become stuck (or simply get angry) you can try shooting ceilings, walls, and floors.

You are not a match for EMMI

The central premise of Metroid Dread’s story is that Samus is pursued and stalked by a robotic named EMMI. EMMIs guard specific zones but you’re not constantly looking at your back.

If you happen to enter the EMMI Zone, running into EMMI is typically an one-hit death that can ruin your day. It is impossible to take on EMMI. The task you face when you spot the EMMI is to escape and cover yourself.

This being said …


You’ll get two chances to stun and block EMMI when it takes you. The timing of this is random and seems a bit impossible. To be honest, it is.

Don’t take being taken prisoner or executed by EMMI as an act of punishment. Instead, take the lessons learned from it. It’s a game’s method of telling you that it wasn’t enough of a sly move.

Save and prepare before BOSS FIGHTS

Locating close Save Stations and Ammo Recharge Stations will take some time out of the way while you go to fight a boss. Doing your best to ensure that you’re with ammo and other supplies and having a handy saving point is always worthwhile. You can check out the map to determine the most convenient places.

How To Unlock Morph Ball Ability in Metroid Dread

Morph Ball’s location Metroid Dread

This Morph Ball ability is unlocked in Metroid Dread by defeating the green EMMI that is located in Cataris. The EMMI can be defeated using the Omega Cannon. To obtain to obtain the Omega Cannon, find and defeat the Central Unit to transfer energy from it to its Arm Cannon. This mini boss is located in the upper-left corner of the green zone of Cataris.

Get out of the mini boss area by making use of the Omega Cannon to destroy the door. After you have left the door, you will notice that the blue EMMI will immediately begin to hunt you. Make sure to get into a position that you are able to destroy it using it’s Omega Cannon. If the EMMI is too close, change positions and continue firing at it. If the EMMI’s face is damaged then charge the cannon to take it’s fatal hit.

After the cutscene Samus will be able to use an ability called the Morph ball ability. This allows Samus form into an elongated ball and move into narrow spaces. To change into morph ball while seated, you can press ZL or down on the left-hand stick. It is also possible to press B to leap while in this position. If you’re attempting to run towards the small tunnel which is above the ground and you press B, it will turn into an elongated ball as you move towards to enter. It can also be done by grabbing onto an incline that leads to a small tunnel.

Locating the Morph Ball’s location within Metroid Dread will take a amount of work. However, when it is unlocked, the Morph Ball is unlocked, Samus can get into the hidden areas you’ve seen on your quest. Make sure to visit Shacknews Metroid Dread page for more information. Shacknews Metroid Dread website for additional help in navigating the rough environment of ZDR.

Metroid Dread Tips you need to be aware of before playing

Metroid Dread is an extremely difficult challenge to master. However, we hope these Metroid Dread tricks can give you a good chance to survive the depths of ZDR. As with previous 2D Metroid games before it will require you to explore the map to find hidden routes, gain access to new abilities as well as find essential item upgrades. Additionally, you’ll need to master some difficult combat techniques and be ready for the most challenging of opponents. There’s a lot happening in the latest Nintendo game, therefore you’ll need to keep reading for our Metroid Dread advice.

1. Be aware of the color codes on gates and doors.

If you’ve never played the thrill of a 2D Metroid game before, this is the series that helped to create the genre known as Metroidvania. In contrast to more sophisticated releases such as Hollow Knight or Salt and Sanctuary, Metroid Dread uses the color-coding system in order to help make the game a more clear in terms of knowing what to do and when to go. If a door is obstructed by a blue glow for instance, you’ll know that you’ll need an item that has a similar color. It can help guide you to the next destination more easily. It doesn’t mean there’s not an answer to a puzzle and a path to find However, there are additional clues in the visual.

2. If you’re stuck, you can go back to areas that you have previously visited

Like you’d expect from a Metroid game, Dread isn’t a linear game. Based on the abilities you’ve obtained for Samus it’s necessary to travel forwards and reverses through the various areas you visit. However, occasionally, the power you’ve just acquired will require going back from the beginning to get use of. Therefore, if you’re stuck in a particular region – especially in the case of just acquiring an ability that is new, go back to previous areas and retrace some ground. It’s likely that a new route has been created with a new skill, upgrade or even power.

3. Make use of your video recording to note down new movements.

Samus moves in Metroid Dread will start out easy enough, but will quickly, it will become quite complicated. It’s odd that the game will provide you with an explanation of how every new move operates when you are introduced to it however you’ll never be able to recall these instructions. There’s a “Tutorials” section in the Mission Log (accessible by hitting the + button) However, it’s limited to just the fundamentals of Samus movesets. If you’d like to be sure that you verify the way Samus’ Speed Booster works for instance the moment you receive the ability, simply hit the long-press on the switch’s record button, saving the instructional blurb to refer to later.

4. The scenery is more less brittle than you’d think.

Here’s a wonderful Metroid Dread tip for you to shoot at all things. Seriously. Basing your game on the foundations of Metroid and Super Metroid, sometimes the most effective way to advance is to explode everything in the area. The standard beam attack with the ‘Y’ button is unlimitable you can fire at any time and check out what you can find. Certain blocks can only be dislodged by the missile, which is activated by pressing the shoulder button with the letter ‘R’ and pressing the ‘Y’ button. Don’t forget that you can aim free at your target in an arc around you, by pressing the shoulder button ‘L and don’t forget to strike the blocks above and below the point of your start.

5. Maps are your best friend

A large part of the enjoyment to play Metroid games is losing yourself. If you’re feeling stuck Don’t give up look up the map. The way to go is always in the map, you just have to locate it. Learn to read it before you start Yellow squares are for secure rooms, violet for transportation and light blue for under water, deep red represents extreme heat and dark blue indicates extreme cold. Note if an area is grayed-out, which indicates that you haven’t yet explored the area. It is possible to expand the map by searching for Map Stations and place up to six markers in the areas you’re interested in for later.

6. Look for ADAM terminals to collect stories and updates to directives

Similar to Metroid Fusion before it, Metroid Dread has a system that will help you maintain your priorities. Contrary to Fusion, ADAM isn’t an constantly recurring nuisance. Instead, you can connect to the A.I. of Samus’s gunship through Network Stations that are located all over the world. These are typically marked on maps by yellow squares. They must be visited whenever you are able to keep track of your progress and gain relevant information. information. ADAM will give clues to important objectives, help you refresh your memory of the story’s beats and lore and will gently inform your status on your powers and capabilities.

7. Return to the flashing areas of the map

One of the most important aspects in the Metroid Dread advancement cycle is to find enhancements to your capabilities across the globe. You’ll have to seek them out yourself because they’re usually concealed behind blocks that are destructible and often inaccessible locations. The game offers only a only a few clues, however it may point you towards the proper direction. Navigate the map and search for areas that are white. this indicator visually indicates that the area you cleared may contain a secret that you haven’t discovered. However, even if you know where something is, it does not mean that you have the capacity to access it.

8. Master the parry

Melee Counter is a crucial element to combat Metroid Dread, particularly as making a successful parry is the most efficient way to eliminate enemies in the world of overworld. You can look for a small yellow flash to appear on the enemy’s face and will signal the threat that could be parried is on the way. You then have to hit “X” when the time is just right. This is an essential feature within Metroid Dread; it may be unimportant when you’re wandering around, but is essential in order to escape the E.M.M.I. robots, as well as in many encounters with bosses.

9. Refill your ammo and health every time you can

In the depths of ZDR, the planet ZDR without capabilities and equipped with a fully-powered armor, Samus Aran will have an insufficient amount of resources to draw from. It is possible to increase your energy (hit points) by finding hidden Energy Tanks around the globe. this is also true for the essential components of your arsenal. It is crucial, therefore to ensure that your supply of ammunition and health replenished. There are Recharge Stations that can be found when exploring, you can also get these items through taking out foes. Even better is that you’ll gain additional ammo and health by taking out a foe following the parry has been successful.

10. Be patient when boss battles come up.

You’ll encounter terrifying bosses. While there’s no single method to defeat these tough bosses however, we can provide general guidelines. Each boss is built on the same foundation. There are patterns to attacks. Study these and you’ll eventually learn to avoid their attacks and anticipate phases. Once you’ve done enough damage to a boss, it’ll alter its tactics and you’ll be faced with the opportunity to study a new attack pattern when you see the parry prompt. Eventually, an opponent will hit you with a devastating attack that can be parried usually signalling that you’re to the end of your battle.

11. Look for Teleporters

Metroid Dread is split into nine distinct districts. It is possible to navigate between the various zones by using Elevators and Shuttles. They are represented by purple squares on the map and are usually situated close to Save Stations or Network Stations. There’s another method to navigate within ZDR however. It’s not always easy to find or access however, you’ll come on color-coded “Teleportals’. These will take some of the pain of going back, but if have access to all six you’ll get access to an all-time shortcut you’ll be thankful for in the future.

12. How do you survive EMMI encounters

Speed and patience when necessary are the skills you’ll require to deal with E.M.M.I encounters. If you are in into an E.M.M.I zone, you should take time to look at the map. If the zone is close to you, you’ll see an orange dot on the map as well as your mini-map will alert you to the place of residence. From there, you must be extremely cautious. Be careful and slow to ensure that you’re not caught. If you get caught, speed and misdirection is all that matters. You can slide through gaps of a small size and backtrack to create more complex routes, and, for goodness’ sake , run.

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